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Dielectric Coatings

Brand: Bandgap Ltd Model: B-DE-ULTRA1
Important Shipping Note: This item is classified as Dangerous Goods - Class 3 Flammable Liquids and is subject to one £44 DG surcharge per shipmentExample. If you ordered 1L of this product and 0.5L of another DG product in standard packaging also subject to the DG surcharge, a single £44 DG su..
Brand: Bandgap Ltd Model: B-DE-ULTRA1-30ml
Important Shipping Note: This item is sent as Dangerous Goods under Excepted Quantity. We offer non-UK customers this option to avoid the £44 dangerous goods surcharge, which is also convenient for small orders.Order as many 30ml bottles as you need, or for larger quantities you can choose..
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