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Brand: Bandgap Ltd Model: E-CONN-EL-01
Included:2x self-adhesive connectors (with approx. 250mm wire attached to each).10x temporary connection/masking pads1x information leaflet with links to support/further application informationDimensions:25mm x 15mm x 5mm (L x W x H)Documentation:For high-resolution tutorial videos and images, pleas..
Brand: Bandgap Ltd Model: E-CONN-EL-02
Included:50 x Temporary Connection/Masking Pads on backing sheets1 x Information Leaflet containing links to support and application informationDescription:Pack containing 50 temporary connection/masking pads. Can be used as masking, to keep an exposed 5x10mm pad on a connection site of a LumiLor pa..
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