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Bandgap Dielectric Paint Ultra 30ml

Bandgap Dielectric Paint Ultra 30ml
Bandgap Dielectric Paint Ultra 30ml

Important Shipping Note: This item is sent as Dangerous Goods under Excepted Quantity. We offer non-UK customers this option to avoid the £44 dangerous goods surcharge, which is also convenient for small orders.

Order as many 30ml bottles as you need, or for larger quantities you can choose to order the Bandgap Dielectric Paint Ultra in larger containers, but this will be subject to the £44 DG Surcharge.

High Dielectric Constant (High efficiency) Dielectric Coating.

1K solvent-based, no thinners required (pre-thinned).

Useful in many electronic/electrical applications where a high breakdown strength and high dielectric constant are required.

With excellent rheological properties, this coating has very high resilience to settling during long-term storage meaning it sprays evenly to give a homogeneous film using either HVLP (high-volume low-pressure, RP (reduced-pressure/compliant/transtech), or conventional automotive spray equipment. 

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  • Brand Bandgap Ltd
  • Model: B-DE-ULTRA1-30ml
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