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SATA clean RCS - the turbo cleaner

SATA clean RCS - the turbo cleaner
SATA clean RCS - the turbo cleaner

Notes about the use of the SATA clean RCS & RPS Cup System for EL Paint Applicators:

Applying EL paint is a laborious process requiring frequent material changes and where the cost of contamination between materials is high. We at Bandgap have noticed significant savings in thinners and more importantly time since we started using the the SATA Clean RCS Compact. Instead of 10 minutes thoroughly cleaning out the spray guns manually between each layer, now gun cleaning only takes 30s, allowing the entire process from start to finish to take under an hour (with the use of IR lamps or a bake oven).

We use the 0.3L RPS disposable cups to ensure no contamination of the EL paint materials and this also allows us to store leftover materials (note that due to sedimentation of the pigments, the filters should be removed during storage and new filters fitted during next usage). The measurements also allow us to easily keep track of material usage per project and being disposable cups means time, thinners/gun cleaner and cloths are saved by not needing to clean reusable cups. In comparison to the cost of the EL materials, the RPS cups are extremely inexpensive (under 1% the cost of the materials if the 0.3L cups are filled with 235ml/8 oz of EL paint). We use this cup system ourselves and couldn't recommend highly enough!


Enclosed gun washer offering great savings in terms of paint thinners usage and cost of purchase or rental of expensive and bulky gun cleaning machines. Cleaning your paint guns should not only be done thoroughly, but also by saving cost and protecting the environment.

    • The closed cleaning system for manual paint spray guns is VOC compliant
    • Thorough cleaning of all material passages of the paint spray gun
    • Low solvent consumption - only 0.1 litre pure cleaning solvent per gun - due to two separate cleaning solvent containers - one for the washing, and one for the rinsing cycle
    • Cart for easy refilling of the containers i.e. for replacing the cleaning agent
    • Replaceable filter inside the washing container keeps coarse residue from the washing process out of the cleaning fluid container
    • High performance, durable, low-wear double diaphragm pump assuring long life time of the gun washer
    • Brush with cleaning fluid feed for manual pre-cleaning of gun and cup; a button activates the flow of the cleaning fluid towards the brush

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